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2013-2014 Scholarship Update

Haiti scholarship has appreciated all the effort made by the children - They work hard at school.

Here is an update on recent scholarships - we are now looking for NEW SPONSORS for the September intake.  

 August 11, 2014


Welcome to my website. I hope to share with you the hope I have for so many children in City Soleil to attend school. For many of these children, education is just a dream, but with your help, we can make it a reality.  This is video of a project I was and am involved in.  Please watch and listen to the story and realise that there is so much good you can help us do! 

Marcel Jean.

Cite Soleil School of Music Trailer from We Rise on Vimeo.

Schooling programm 2017-2018

October 29th, 2017

Haiti Scholarship thank you every sponsor to help some poor children living in the extreme poverty to have opportunity to attend to school for the accademic year.

The children are very happy and proud of all you for your support! 

All students thank you very for all! 



Nickenson Maxi

June 28,2017

My name is Nickenson Maxi-6 years. Am  very happy to be graduated from my pre-school on june 26,2017. Now, am going to be in fisrt grade in primary school on this coming september.first,  a big thank you to my sponsor Nancy Santing, grand ma, aunt and specially Haiti Scholarship  

Thank you very much! 



two food packages delivered to both little girls in Cite Soleil

   March 17,2017

      I have been in Florida ( Miami Garden) where i have been visited  Church of Jesus Christ of Jubelee, INC.

      that Church has made a donation of $ 50  to Haiti Scholarship Association. so, with that amount,  Haiti Scholarship has delivered two food packages to two little girls   living in the extreme poverty in Cite soleil, 19 soleil. their names are Jesuca  Junia -9 years and Danaika Louis 5 years old.

        both little girls and Haiti scholarship staff are really appreciate that donation from that Church!

School bag delivered to Paul Rock

  March 15, 2017

    From Paul Rock

     thank you very to my sponsor to help with a new wonderful school bag because  my old one was ripped and could not use any more.

          I love and proud of you as my sponsor!

          that donation has been  made  by his sponsor Jean Robert in NY!



Some pairs of sandals with two school bags delivered to eight girls in Cite Soleil

                March 11, 2017


Sponsored Children 2016- 2017

  Listing of the sponsored children lately from some sponsors over seas below:

       Sponsored child  name                   :   Sponsor name              :   Country

     1)    Betsaida            Florestal            :   Chantale  Michel          :    USA

    2)    Christopher     Paul rock           :    Jean    Robert Michel :    USA

    3)   Chedeline           Jerome              :    Lucie         Michel           :   USA

   4)    Nickenson          Maxi                   :  Nancy         Santing          :   Netherlands

Clothes Delivered to Chedeline


         on  December 30, 2016

           My name is Chedeline Jerome - 5 years. Am happy to receive a wonderful gift from my sponsor.    Am proud to have  someone to think about my education.

            so,  i have to thank  her and  Haiti scholarship for their supports they bring to me every month.



Food packages delivered in cayes ( Port Salut)


                On December 6, 2016

           Haiti Scholarship  has received a donation from some Belgium people last December 6th, 2016 for Haiti to help some  people  were affected by the Horrible Hurricane Mathew  wchich has been devasted many  houses, anuimals, gardens, school, churches, wonderful beaches in the South of Haiti/ Grand-Anse. 


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