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2013-2014 Scholarship Update

Haiti scholarship has appreciated all the effort made by the children - They work hard at school.

Here is an update on recent scholarships - we are now looking for NEW SPONSORS for the September intake.  

 August 11, 2014

   The staff of  Haiti scholarship are very proud of all the effort from  seven (7) sponsored children to succeed at the school.  So, we had in total ten ( 10) sponsored children. Three of them went to pass the national exam in the primary school, they have succeeded and are going to be in the secondary school which is 7th grade.  So, three of them did not pass so will not be eligible for a scholarship for the next year (our criteria is strict but there are many children to help!).  The  other four ( 4) have succeeded  in the primary school and will continue to their next grade.  .  With your help, we will be taking in more children who want the opportunity to study. 

The photo is of some of our scholarship students proudly displaying their reports. 

Congratulations to the three students names went to pass national exam last June 2014 below:

   We have :  Kettia August    Total Score:  818 /1200 

                       Yonise Guillaume   Total Score: 690/1200 

                       Shina Methelus       Total Score:   650/1200

    Now , those three students  have passed to be in 7th grade in secondary school on September 2014.  CELEBRATE WITH THEM, IT'S A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT! 

     They  are thankful through their sponsor and hope to work hard to succeed their dream. So, they think school is very important in their life.  So, their parents thank Haiti Scholarship Association and the sponsor who donates money to support the children for three years.   The reality is, without sponsorship, the children may not have been able to attend school.  

The parents are very supportive our our school campus program which will help more children to achieve a good education, with more sponsorship available and cheaper education.   Many more children want to have the opportunity to achieve thier goal of education.  The children and parents tell of many other children who stop going to school after finishing primary school - Many parents cannot afford to help them to go the secondary school even though they know the benefits.

 So, Haiti scholarship much appreciates all the effort of the children and hope to keep on going to help those children to go to school as well.

   Thank you very much!

    Written by Marcel



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