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Congratulations to 3 Graduates!

       August 18,2014

       It is a great day for us  to get the opportunity to pass the national exam held on June 20th.  We now are able to get into secondary school this coming September. Our names are Kettia August, Shina Methelus, Yonise Guillaume.  We are very proud of all you who have supported us to finish with our primary school.  Now, we are going to be in the second stage of our education ( 7th grade)  

Haiti Scholarship Association focusses on Primary Education, so these children are now seeking further sponsorship if possible.  While it's not our focus we will accept funds for these secondary students to assist them with their study. 

It is hard to draw the line between students but there are so many.  Research shows that the most important education is when we are young, to provide a foundation.  That's where we focus.  But, it doesn't mean we should stop and that is why we want to be involved in the School Campus (R-12) project. 

If you would like to sponsor these three girls with any amount to help them continue, please contact Marcel on


"We hope to have sponsor to keep on going to school to achieve our goal.  So, we do not see how we are going to school because Haiti Scholarship has no secondary school program. That's why we would like Haiti Scholarship to build a school campus to help us to continue our study to help ourselves in the future.  God please help Haiti Scholarship Association become big and send more sponsors so more children like us can go to school, and thanks to all the help so we could finish primary school”.  - Some words from the girls.

Kettia, Shina, Yonise.

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