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Provide a scholarship for a child per month

Urgent Scholarships Needed!


We have many children who are in desperate need of scholarships. These children are smart and bright and love education, but they can't afford it. We work with kids who have parents in poverty and we also work with Restavek children who are living as domestic servants. We negotiate the right to education for these children, who do not have parents able to speak up for them. We also are aware of many children living on the streets and want to extend our scholarships out to them.

Price: $25.00

Djouly Seide


  May 26, 2017

     My name is Djouly - 9 years old. am born a very poor family in Cite soliel as one of the biggest shanty town in Haiti.

    My family has no opportunity to help me with education, i stop going  to school for two years.  My father and mother are still alive but doing nothing to make a living.  am little bit sad to  stay home all days .   

I like to jump to the rope with my friends in the area, like to share with others.

Price: $25.00

Danaika Louis


   on May 4, 2017

  Am  Danaika Louis- 5 years old. Am Born in Port- au- Prince. I have one brther ad no sister. Am living in Cite Soleil with my parents.

   My father and my Mother are both alive.  I love both of tem.  am not going to school yet due to financial situtaon.

  I love to smile and sing. that will be fine to have a person to help me going to school.

        thank you!


Price: $25.00

Alius Miloura


  My family call me Miloura Alius- 11 years old, am born in Port-au- Prince in the biggest slum named Cite Soleil. My Mother is Destine Guirlene. 

      I like to jump t0 the rope with my frends,  am honest, obeidience, polite but i do not like people do me wrong for my stuff.

       Dog, goat are my fovorite animals. I get my feeling when i watch on TV. 

       the big challenge my life is my education. I would like to a person to help  continue my school.

     My dream that's  to be a nurse to take care of my family, friends when they are sick!

Price: $25.00

Sanon Judeson


My name is sanon Judeson, am 7 years old. I do not have a big family. My father ad mother are still alive. I have no sister and brother.

 the livng condition of my mother sounds much sad, she really can not afford to help my education. So, my favorite pet is dog and cat.

    i would like to be a teacher in my life, to achieve it, i would like to find a good people to help me going to school.

     Thank you!


Price: $25.00

Jourdain Fegueson


 My name is Feguenson Jourdain 7 years for instance. so, am living  in Cite soleil with my Grand ma since am born. But my father and Mother are still alive but both are separed each other. That's my grand ma who takes care of me and think about my education, unfortunately she does not a good income to help going me to school. my father does not care about me.

 I like to play foot-ball with my friends in the  area!   My favorite color is pink.

     help me going to please!



Price: $25.00

Lindor LeGrand Eliano


  Am  LeGrand Eliano- 8 years old. I live with my family in Cite Soleil. My father has Job sometime and my mother not. I can not afford to attend to school due to money. I love Dog, cat and my favorite color is blue. I think schol is my first priority in my life.

  I would really like to have someone to help me with my education!

    Thank you in advance!

  LeGrand Eliano

Price: $25.00

Pierre Fernando


   My full name is Fernando Pierre, i am born in September 2009 on Port-au- Prince. My family is not big where i have two brothers.

   I am living with my family in Cite Soleil. My Mother is doing nothing to survive with us. And My dad has a lilttle job sometime , unfortunately his income is not enough to help us and support my education. I stop going to school in 1 st grade in the pramary school.

 I like to play to soccer and my favorite animal is dog.   so, i would like to have someone to help me continue my education.

     thank u!



Price: $25.00

SAINT-FLEUR Poutchaina


My name is Poutchaina- 4 years old, Anne' daughter . I am born  on Delmas but I live in Cite Soleil with my parents for 3 years. But , both of them are jobless. They would like to help me with my education , unfortunately they can not afford.

I like to play with my little friends .I love cat and puppy.


I need someone to support me going to school !

Thank you ! 


Price: $25.00

Jouvensky Joseph



     Am  DJouvensky Joseph- 8 years old.  Am living in Croix- des bouquets in a small village named Alelouya. 

   My mother and my faher are still alive and i  stay with aumt who heleped me going to school last year but this year not because she lost her job and doing nothing for instance.  My father and mother are separed a long time and do not hear from my father any more.

  I really like to continue going to school like many others chilren  in the area. Am sound sad to see others chidren move to school and am not.

Price: $25.00


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